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Bridal Waves – How to Prep Your Skin for the Big Day

Now that we are in the new year, bridal season is approaching. Now is the time many brides are seeking ways to prepare themselves for their big day. There is no shortage of options but where should you start? Outside of cleaning up your eating habits and working on being in the best shape possible, your face is where you should start! You, the bride, will be the focal point of your wedding so you should make sure that your face is in the best possible condition! And sometimes, that can take time.

What kind of regimen should you consider? Just facial treatments? Lasers? Skincare? All of the options can make your head spin. Don’t worry, we will cover a lot of ground but it will be painless! We want you to be as informed as possible without causing any additional stress.

Your skin is exposed to a multitude of elements on a daily basis, even in your own home (sometimes, more than the outside pollution) but there are several things you can do to keep it healthy, both in a medspa and at home. For those of you that wear glasses and sunglasses, you know how dirty your lenses can get when you are out and about? Well that very same gunk is on your face and hidden in your pores! I know, gross!!

Curious about what you can do immediately? Try the HydraFacial MD! We are big advocates of getting on a good skincare regimen, both in office and at home. Scheduling monthly HydraFacial MD treatments is key to prepping your skin for pictures that will last you a lifetime. Holding monthly

So when should you start working on your skin care? As soon as possible! Why? Because it can take some time for your skin to get used to any new regimen, you should plan your prep schedule months in advance. Trying to make a miracle happen just weeks before your wedding will only cause you more stress, especially since your skin might react a little.

Hydrafacials are recommended on a monthly basis at least 4 months before your wedding, with 6 months being a prime target! These highly customizable treatments can included booster serums and light therapy to increase the efficacy.

What about your bridal party? You want them looking their best too! Looking for a fun time for your bridal party? Make it a Hydrafacial party! Treat your girls to beautiful glowing skin and have them bright when they stand alongside you!

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