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What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is the State-of-the-art light therapy technology designed specifically for the elimination of unwanted body hair. This non-invasive technique generates a concentrated, highly intense beam of light which kills the hair roots safely and effectively without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. We are please to employ the high-tech, state-of- the- art Sciton laser, the innovative BBLs™ module with Its broad range of wavelengths that allows safe and effective treatment for many skin types and conditions. With its multiple user-friendly features such as the powerful Cooling system, the rapid pulse rate( faster treatment speed), and superior results, BBLs is the most complete and versatile broadband light system in its class.


How does Laser Hair Reduction Work?

Laser Hair Reduction is a high-tech method for destroying massive amounts of hair follicles in their growth phase so that it gradually deteriorates the hair growth. The light energy is selectively absorbed by the melanin in hair follicles and converted to heat, diffusing to and injuring stem cells in the hair bulb and bulge. Effective hair reduction can only be achieved during the active growth phase and hair reduction is considered permanent when a significant amount of hair does not return for an extended period of time. After a series of treatments, most hair is permanently reduced. However, if hair does re-grow, it will be finer and lighter than before.

Which body areas can be treated?

For women the most common treatment areas are the underarms, bikini line, lip/chin, full legs, and lower arms. The most common treatment areas for men are the beard area, the shoulders and the back.

Who is the best candidate for Laser Hair Reduction treatments?

The best candidate for laser hair reduction would be someone with very light skin and dark body hair. Black and brown hair gets the quickest results because dark hair has more color Pigment that absorbs the laser light more readily, providing a more effective result.

On the other hand, people with white or blonde hair are not good candidates for Laser Hair reduction since white hair has insufficient color pigment for effective laser treatment. Therefore, it may be a good idea to have the laser hair reduction treatment completed before going gray or white!

How many treatment sessions are necessary?

An average client can expect to need three to six treatment sessions. The number of sessions is dependent on:

-Your hair color (darker hair requires less and lighter hair requires more sessions)
-Your skin pigmentation (darker skin requires more and lighter skin requires less sessions)
-Your hair density (coarse hair requires less and fine hair requires more sessions)
-Your hormonal status, and some medications (some medicines can increase hair growth)

Within about 30 minutes of treatment, the area may become pink or red, and feel similar to mild sunburn. Itching and dryness may also be noted. These reactions may last for a day or two and can be treated with proper lotions recommended by your laser provider.

All medications and medical conditions need to be discussed with the Laser Provider prior to the treatments.

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