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Note: Medrevive COVID-19 precautions:

 Re-Opening Cautiously


Dear Clients of MedRevive MedSpa,
   We thank you for being patient during COVID-19.  We are happy to announce that we are re-opening our office. During this pandemic, we will only be seeing low risk, asymptomatic patients, up to 50% capacity and only by appointments. We will act with an abundance of caution upon re-opening our doors
During this time, our goal and mission is to provide a safe practice for our clients and staff members at MedRevive  MedSpa where  patients can come to receive their treatments safely. It is every team members’ responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of each and every client that enters our facility.
MedRevive MedSpa is following the CDC and ProMD guidelines and precautions to screen all clients and staff members, and to continuously screen clients and staff, sanitize the entire facility, all equipment and surfaces.
Please see the list of the safety precautions that we are practicing, and call our office to make inquiries about making appointments at (301)-760-7603

  1.   COVID-19 Screening: Due to COVID-19 contagion circumstances, we ask you to please read and sign a patient disclosure prior to your appointment:    Please Click here for Disclosure form   Please sign and bring the form with you PRIOR to your appointment so we are able to screen and protect our clients and staff at MedRevive MedSpa.
  2. Social Distancing: We are taking measures to avoid crowding. Appointments are scheduled far enough apart to minimize possible contact with other patients in the waiting room and to limit the number of persons in the waiting area.
  3. Check In: upon arrival one client at a time, Clients are screened, temperature is checked, facial mask and hand sanitizer use and COVID-19 Consent is checked (mandatory). A Partition is added to the reception desk for extra protection. Sanitized pens and clip boards are offered to each client.
  4.  Masks: Patients are to wear a face covering to their appointment and leave it on during treatment unless directed to remove it by their Health provider to address lower-facial concerns.
  5.  Office Disinfection:  Each appointment is given an extra 15 minutes to allow disinfecting the equipment and all surfaces such as door handles, chairs and desks are disinfected frequently. Medical Grade Air Sanitation machines are added to each room to sanitize the air.
  6. PPE: Throughout the office, patients are provided and encouraged to use disinfecting supplies such as alcohol- based hand sanitizer with 70-95% alcohol, gloves, disinfecting wipes, and tissues.
  7. Clients: Clients are not to bring companions to their appointment, except for instances where the patient requires assistance. Only scheduled clients are permitted to enter the office and be present for appointment.
  8. Staff Screening: Daily health assessment and temperature check of staff is performed; PPE is used by all staff members such as Facial Masks/Face shields and Gloves. Staff is to continuously practice Hand and Respiratory hygiene-etiquette, sharps safety, safe injection practices, sterilize instruments and devices, and disinfect all surfaces.
  9. Lower Face Treatments: At their discretion, providers may request a patient use a provided oral cleanser by use of 1.5% Hydrogen Peroxide mouthwash before performing a lower face treatment such as lip fillers.

Due to the contagious nature of the Novel COVID-19 and the long incubation period, please understand that you are voluntarily assuming the risk of COVID-19 exposure by willingly attending any appointments and elective treatments at our facility.
MedRevive MedSpa is not liable for any physical or personal damages that may be received directly or indirectly from receiving treatments or entering the facilities.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

MedRevive MedSpa Team


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